In this episode, I announce the winner of our podcast giveaway for 2 weeks of plant-based meal delivery service.

I also review plant-based meal delivery services that can bring variety to your diet and give you the opportunity try some new flavors.

If you’re looking for a convenient way to incorporate plant-based meals into your weekly menu and take a break from cooking, you’ll want to listen to this episode to find out the pros and cons of each option. 

Mentioned in this episode:

Sakara – Restaurant-quality organic plant-based meal delivery service providing fresh meals weekly througout the United States. Get $50 off your first order with this link:

Instacart – Save time and get your groceries delivered with Instacart in the US or Canada.  Choose the pick up option to save some money.  Make sure you note that you want your produce to be organic, as some shoppers are unaware of the difference between organic and conventional produce.  Instruct them that the PLU code on  organic produce begins with the number 9. Save $10 with this link:

Sprinly – 100% plant-based service with many soy-free options.  Delivers fresh meals to the United States.  If you choose this service, you will be able to select your own meals.  Currently only lunch and dinner options are available, so you will still have to make a protein shake or prepare a high-protein breakfast each day. Click here to save $20

Veestro – Plant-based service that delivers frozen meals throughout the US with many soy-free options.  If choosing this service, try to select the majority of your meals from the high-protein category.

Purple Carrot – Plant-based service that delivers meal kits for you to prepare at home and pre-prepared meals with 2+ servings.  If choosing this service, try to select the majority of your meals from the high-protein category.  They deliver within the continental US.

Daily Harvest – Plant-based service that delivers frozen meals with a minimum order of 9 items in the United States.  Select from smoothies, harvest bowls, flatbreads, bakes, oat bowls, and soups.  They also have desserts, plant-based mylk cubes you can blend into smoothies, and lattes. 

Try Vegan Home Delivery – 100% vegan meal delivery service that delivers fresh-made meals you can store in the fridge to the mid-atlantic and northeastern United States.   

Want to save some time grocery shopping for your family? Get your shopping done conveniently with Instacart.  Save $10 with this link:

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